On the last day before our Christmas holidays we had another pleasant BONDING DAY!

Dressed in white or red, as the magic atmosphere of this festive environment is required, the students first wrote nice wishes and greetings for a friend on a paper heart or star. Then each message was gathered in a plastic ball. Once the ball was full they all sat down on the floor in a circle and waited for their “special” friend to throw the ball randomly.

Each time the one who was hit by the ball could open it and choose a heart or a star by chance. He/ she read the message out loud and talked about his/ her emotions that message had given!

The common feeling was JOY and EMPATHY.

The students realized that it was a very important activity: a bonding day connected with emotions, a clear example of how strong class connections can not only give fun with each other but also the fulfillment that making activities together is the only way for the whole class to feel good inside!

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Mrs. Rosanna Carulli

Erasmus + representative at “Padre Pio” School in Altamura (Italy)