This year we even had more pupils and teacher involved in the pay it forward activities as last year. We invited our retired teachers to our school and prepared a special cultural program for them and they were very pleased and surprised.

Pupils and teachers also helped to the elder, at home, at school, bake biscuits, helped classmates with learning and at homework. At the last day before Christmas we especially highlighted and gave diplomas to three girls from the ninth grade, who did several good deeds, among them they also helped decorating our school hall for teachers new year’s party and baked sweet surprise. We celebrated with the class 5. a, where pupils prepared thank you notes for the school cooks. We especially stressed the activities of dancing group Čenče. They prepared a musical The wizard of Oz and the had several performances for students, children in kindergarten and in the local community, especially in the retirement home and for the adults with special needs.

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