Last December we have organized another Bonding Day in our school. We have invited school’s psychologist, social pedagogue, teachers, schoolchildren and their parents to participate in a practical psychological session „We and Our Emotions“. For few weeks teachers were getting ready for the session: collecting and translating best pedagogical practice examples, reading the professional articles and media, discussing the plan and finding best solutions.

The participants were very eager to find out more about their personalities, emotions, characters and interpersonal skills. We used different ways to learn about our emotions. Some of the methods were received from our project partners as their best practice examples. It was an interesting experience. Children asked to organize more often such sessions, because it is a very joyful way to understand yourself and your friends. Parents admitted that it was very useful and they would like to participate in non-formal events frequently. We believe that non-formal communication has a great positive influence on the process of creatPateiktis1 (1) Pateiktis2 Pateiktis3 Pateiktis4ing a positive school environment.

Ieva Juozapavičiūtė