Before the end of the project we have organised an international conference in Slovenia where both intellectual results were introduced. With that we expanded our discoveries and at the same time encouraged other schools to use the model. The programme of the conference comprised to plenary lectures and demonstrations of good practice. We conducted three workshops.

Conference was very well accepted by audience and they gave a very positive feedback. They have expressed a great need to use something similar to what we did in project. Many participants expressed a wish, that we would present our project, methods of work and results at their school.

Participants: 7 teacher of students aged 6 -11 years; 5 teacher of students aged 11 -15 year; 27 school counsellors; 15 headmasters; 3 headmasters deputy; 4 students; 7 from other fields.

They came from schools all over Slovenia, foreign participants were from Serbia and Finland. All project partners also came to conference.